Cement Plant Services

  • Process optimization \ Operational reliability.

  • Improvement of refractory linings in the kilns

  • Product optimization\inventory control.

  • Trouble shooting in Cyclone Blockage, Raw Mix Design.

  • Quality improvement.

  • New product development.

  • Customized support for the organizations to move on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) within two years, There after the organization can publish their sustainability/ CSR report compliant to GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) reporting standard.“

  • Feasibility Studies

Educate on right Refractory material most suited for individual kiln based on the:
  • Raw material,

  • Kiln condition,

  • Fuel and operational history.

Handle various aspects
  • Cement manufacturing;

  • Brand Building

  • Marketing strategies suited to the dynamic business environment 

  • Organizational Development

Value Addition
  • Raw material burnability

  • Hardness of raw materials and their grindibility for appropriate process/ project decisions;


  • Refractory is an essential part of a combustion system. It protects metal shell of the furnace at the same time preserves heat with in the process.

  • We provide various refractories from Europe, such as Magnesia Bricks, Alumina Bricks, Low Cement Castable, Alumina Castable for various grades, Gunning Mix for intricate areas, along with Gunning machines and Mixers.

Educate on right Refractory material most suited for individual kiln based on the:
  • Raw materials

  • Kiln condition

  • Fuel and operational history

Value Addition
  • Raw material burnability

  • Hardness of raw materials and their grindability for appropriate process/ project decisions.

Grinding Media

  • Economical operation of Ball Mills depend on Right Quality of Grinding Media 

  • Poor quality of GM can adversely affect the grinding process

  • We Provide High Quality Alloy Castings as well as Forged Grinding Media.

  • Trouble shooting of Grinding Mills.

  • Abrasion Resistant Liner Plates for Mill Inlet Head Liners, Hopers, Inlet Chutes, etc.

Liners for Vertical Mills

  • Sintered Chromium Carbide Liners

  • End to End Ceramic Lining for Rollers.

  • Abrasion Resistant Air Nozzle Assembly

  • Wear Resistant Liners for Classifiers


  • Primary & Secondary Crusher Hammers

  • Bag Filters & Cleaning Devices

  • Air Blasters for Blockage Cleaning in Cyclones

  • Hot Air Generators for wide range of Applications

  • Combustion equipment and Multi-fuel Burners

  • Complete Vertical Roller Mills from Japan and India

  • Immersion Tubes, Single & Double Flap Mill Chutes, Lip Plates for Kin Inlet

  • Dip Tubes for Sampling of Molten Alumina

  • Abrasion Resistant Alloy Castings with High Surface Finish and Very Low co-efficient of friction 

  • Stainless Steel Anchors for Refractory Application

Green Energy

  • Power Plants of 5, 10 and 20 Mega Watt Capacity without any use of Fossil Fuel

  • Technology for power generation is based on Closed Loop Hydro-Gravitational Mechanics 

  • An ultimate solution for 24/7 round the year power at the generation cost of two (2) cents per KWH/hr. or lower.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

EIA studies are mandatory to carry out any industrial activity. Government agencies insist for a detailed environmental impact assessment of the activity and insist on incorporating the mitigation measures to reduce or eliminate the undesirable environmental issues due to that particular industrial activity.

EIA comprises of:
  • Site studies on existing fugitive dust (PM2.5, PM5, PM10)

  • Wind velocity and wind directions

  • Water quality monitoring at the site and treatment process identifying the environmental hazards and recommend mitigation measures.

ISO Certification

  • ISO9001 – Quality management system

  • ISO14001 – Environmental management system

  • OHSAS 18000

  • ISO 26000

  • API Certification

  • BIS Certification

Benefits of such certifications
  • Follow standard practices compliant to world class requirements on human resources, procurement of raw materials, purchasing and business continuity plans, their focus on customer satisfaction and induction of customer’s perception in the company’s business process.

  • We Consider Problems As An Opportunity To Improve And Help Our Customers To Add Value With Our Interaction.

Water & Waste Water Treatment

World’s 2/3rd population is deprived of clean potable water and it is often expressed by politicians that the third world war will be fought over water. It is a prime responsibility of a good corporate citizen to preserve this scarce natural resource.

Technical support in
  • Potable/ fresh water quality monitoring and treatment;

  • Waste water monitoring and treatment to meet 10:10:1 Standard.

  • Use for drip irrigation

  • Industry use – cooling or spray tower

  • Water-cooling tower: to reduce temperature of re-circulated water.

  • Algae growth control in cooling towers, swimming pool and open water ponds.

  • Decalcification – de-scaling of Water pipelines

  • In Process industry, Hotels, Manufacturing plants